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Parish ‘Call and Care’ Scheme

In these difficult times, many of the most vulnerable members of our community will be confined to their homes for weeks if not months. With no Sunday gatherings or personal contact allowed, they are in danger of becoming really isolated, or even worse, becoming neglected. This “Call and Care” scheme is a simple answer for parishes, bringing together volunteers with those needing some contact or practical help. It has been developed in partnership with the SVP, and with the diocesan safeguarding and data protection offices. We hope it provides a pick-up-and-run solution for these difficult times.

Below you will find everything you need to run the scheme, including an information sheet, notes for further explanation, volunteer and referral forms, and a data notice for volunteers. Safeguarding best practice for working with the elderly is coming soon.

UPDATED ADVICE: We’ve had lots of queries about the part that people without vulnerable adult DBSs can play in this scheme. We have had a clarification on the scheme which says that only if you are shopping and/or handling money do you need to have an Enhanced DBS, but you do not need a DBS to be a phone buddy, or pick up prescriptions. Please see below for updated advice.

Government safeguarding advice for community groups:

Church at home packs

I came across this idea from Emmanuel Church, Holloway and thought that this is something we can do for our members who don’t have access to the internet.

Some great things to put in the pack include:

However, please be aware that it is likely that coronavirus can survive on paper, so quarantine your packs for a few days somewhere warm and dry before handing them out.

For more information about this scheme, please contact Avril on, or 07823 788310.