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Micah Conversations

Sometimes in our parish life, huge changes loom, and we are not sure how to respond.

Sometimes changes freezes people into inaction, or frightens them into fighting back.

Written by Mark Davis, an expert Catholic facilitator, the Micah Conversation is a response to change which allows us to grow in understanding and build community. It is a process of prayer and discernment that a parish can undergo together. Starting and ending with a time of gathering, the process involves three small group sessions with resources for personal reflection in-between. The conversations focus around Micah 8:6: Act Justly; Love Tenderly; and Walk Humbly. At the end of this process there is a day of celebration and discernment to answer the following three questions:

  • What have you discovered on this faith journey which is for you personally?
  • What suggestions do you have for deepening your community life?
  • What actions arise from your reflections?

These conversations together give rise to a common understanding and purpose, and lead to new ventures and activity, grounded in prayer.

To find out more about the Micah Conversation, click here. You’ll also find a lot more information in the booklet at the bottom of the page. To make the most of the Micah Conversation for your parish in the long run, the Pastoral Ministry Office can train facilitators and small group leaders beforehand. This will lead a legacy of skill and experience which can then be used to facilitate other faith groups such as Alpha, Bible Timeline, or prayer and Bible study groups.

To explore how this might work for your parish, contact Avril.