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Pastoral Area Councils

Pastoral Areas in the Diocese of Northampton

Bishop David sees PACs as at the heart of our diocesan strategy for the future.  Our new constitution states:

Pastoral Area Councils exist to serve the mission of the Church in their local area.
They offer opportunities to undertake new projects together and enhance the life of individual communities.
They connect people across a locality, sharing experience, talent and opportunities for growth.  They facilitate the fulfilment of our baptismal vocation.

Here is the talk he gave at our gathering on 5th October 2022:

Here is his vision for Pastoral Area Councils, as shared with the Deans and Lay Chairs in September 2021:

We have eight Pastoral Areas across our diocese:

North Northamptonshire: Dean, Fr Mark Floody, Chair, awaiting appointment

Northampton: Dean, Canon Brendan Killeen, Chair, Gareth Armstrong

Milton Keynes: Dean, Canon Francis Higgins, Chair Veronica Corben

Luton: Dean, Mgr Kevin McGinnell, Chair awaiting appointment

Bedfordshire: Dean, Fr John Danford, Judith Buchanan

Aylesbury: Dean, Canon John Beirne, Acting Chair, Geraldine White

South Bucks: Dean, Mgr Sean Healy, Chair, Joan Barford

Slough: Dean, Canon Kevin O’Driscoll, Chair, Ciarán Beary


PAC Constitution

Our new PAC constitution has been developed to be a living document, requested and signed off by Bishop David, to support PACs to be agents of change and mission in their local areas.  It will be reviewed with the PAC Chairs and Deans in a year’s time.

Download the Constitution for Pastoral Area Councils v.1

Central to the Constitution is Pope Francis’ teaching on synodality – a new way of thinking and working.  Chris Knowles’ presentation points to exciting new ways for Pastoral Area Councils to be together:

Notes for Synodality Presentation

Thinking about structures:

With all this in mind, the next step is to work out what local structures are going to be best: what will the Pastoral Area Council look like in my context?



Connecting with the Synod For a Synodal Church: Communion, Participation, and Mission

Bishop David is asking the PACs to be a key part of our diocesan response to the 2023 Synod for a Synodal Church.  You can find out more about the Synod process in our diocese here: