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Assembly Formation Materials

Formation Materials for Assembly Prep Sessions

This page will hold all the materials for our four Assembly prep sessions.

  • Week 1: Lectio Acts 15:1-6  Discerning the signs of the times.  Being open to the Holy Spirit

Opening prayer:

    • Input: What is synodality, how does what we’re doing fit into Pope Francis and Bishop David’s vision for the Church?  Pilgrims of hope – just as Paul and Barnabas were.
    • Conversation: Why have you decided to get involved in our Assembly?  What are your hopes for this process?  What are the signs of the times that we need to pay attention to?
    • Assembly prep 1: read your parish/school/diocesan synod report.


  • Week 2: Lectio Acts 15: 7:12 Listening and speaking.

Opening prayer:

    • Input: How can we graciously listen and speak with one another? (Sr Anne) Being open to the Holy Spirit, standing aside from our own agenda.  Where are the marginalised voices?  
    • Conversation: What are some good practices of taking this into other contexts?  
    • Assembly prep 2: what can you take away from this session for your own life? 

  • Week 3: Lectio Acts 15:22, 24-29 Discerning the Holy Spirit.

Opening Prayer

    • Input: How do we discern the Holy Spirit in our contexts? (Sr Anne) 
    • Conversation: What does it mean to be open to the Holy Spirit in our lives?
    • Assembly prep 3: try an examen prayer to find the signs of the Holy Spirit present in your life

  • Week 4: Lectio Acts 15: 30-35: Action – looking to the long term, moving forward

Opening Prayer

    • Input: The consequences of synodality – moving to action. Acts 15: the consequences of the change of membership to the church for us all.  
    • Conversation: what are some good ways of moving from discerning to action in our communities?  What are some bad ways?!
    • Assembly prep 4: speak at Mass telling your congregation about the prep for the Assembly and how they can get involved


There are four prayer videos coming from Jo Boyce, and I will also upload a printable session plan for facilitators.