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Volunteering Workshop

Although we have many amazing volunteers across the diocese, one of the main reasons we can’t do the things we want is for lack of people. Do you struggle to get people to volunteer? Is the same small group running everything in your parish? Is it difficult to get people to commit even after they’ve said yes?

Our Volunteering Workshop is a hands-on exploration of why people volunteer (and what stops them!), how to get new people involved, and how to grow the ones you have. It leads to a new appreciation of the volunteers we have, and what changes we can make in our parishes to make things better. One participant wrote afterwards:

BEFORE‘What on earth could we possibly find to talk about together for 5+ hours?’A question several of us were asking ourselves, last Saturday morning. On enquiry, it seemed that at least three of us had prepared our cast-iron excuses to make an early getaway at lunch time…
Why the wow? It is hard to convey excitement and new hope on paper, but by 4pm that really was what it felt like. All we needed to bring was an open mind, a willingness to work together, and of course trust that when the Holy Spirit promises to renew the face of the earth, that includes Aylesbury!

Thanks again for the new hope you inspired in us on Saturday…

This workshop runs from 10-4pm (although timings can be adjusted around parish Masses etc). We really do use all that time! It can be booked for a parish, Pastoral Area or Catholic organisation, and works best when as many of the key people as possible are gathered together. It usually generates a follow-up group who go on to raise the profile of volunteering and different groups within the parish, and work actively to put together better structures. Avril can accompany these groups, sharing the accumulated experience from other parishes.